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If you have any questions about the covers or in general please contact me. I'm always happy to answer any questions you maybe have.

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‚ÄčAll pre-made ebook covers $35. Print and Ebook $50

All displays are Ebook covers set at $35, but print wraps are available for an additional $15 charge.

Welcome To My New Pre-made Shop

Pre-made Shop

Pre-made Book Covers

Brand new and fresh out of the box! I will now be selling pre-made book covers, and in the coming months I will also be offering other pre-made items. Keep your eyes open.

All pre-mades are sold only once, they are designed with stock images from 123RF. I can not help if the stock images are reused in other covers or teasers, and I try to make the design as unique as possible despite the stock images used.

All pre-mades are sold at the price listed which includes minor changes. (Color, font, additional text, ect.) An image on the cover can also be changed or switched out for another, but an additional charge may apply.

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to request one of the pre-mades.

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