Ayden is ready to pour all of himself into the success of his club, A-Jax. Until he crosses paths with Bailey.

Intrigued by her fiery nature and contradicting personality Ayden can't help but be drawn in. She is the first women able to distract him from work in years, and despite the nagging voice in the back of his head that warns of the darkness surrounding her, Ayden still gets involved. Putting himself firmly between Bailey and her violent ex, but her old lover won't settle for anything less than Bailey.

You can also read full chapters of my published books and WIPS on my blog, Inside the Insanity.

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Coming 2016

The Opsona Journey Series



A Paranormal series about a girl facing all the scary things that go bump in the night. Along with a full cast of colorful characters to help out, and one drop dead sexy alpha male.

Joey Morris has spent her young life moving around the country with her constantly absent mother until finally ending up in the small college town of Portstown, Pennsylvania. Here history is thick in the air and Joey discovers that her family has long reaching roots in the town, dating back to the very first settlement. Because of her heritage she is welcomed into the group of the other founding families, and quickly becomes one of the popular girls in school.

After over a year of the good life and Homecoming just days away, Joey is thrown into a terrifying new reality. Happening across a violent black dog with glowing red eyes, and a handsome stranger that puts his life on the line to save her only to stick a gun in her chest moments later.

Now people are dieing in Portstown, people close to Joey and she doesn't understand why. Will Joey have anyone left after she discovers the truth about her heritage?

Cameron Davis is a man from another life, for years he has been focused on his mission. The drive that keeps his soul locked into his body and staves off the reaper, but that all changes when he is given the task of protecting Joey.

This girl makes him weak and brings up memories of a past he left behind nearly a century ago. What secrets lie beyond his contract with the elusive Warner family, and why does this girl need protecting?

My Pearl Heart


A stand alone Romance novel the shows the struggles of victims in an abusive relationship.

“I want people to understand the attachment between victim & abuser, and the complexity of abusive relationships. Some people say to victims, ‘just leave. You can do that, it’s easy.’ when in reality it isn’t.”
-J.N. Sheats

An eight book Paranormal Erotic Romance with some Dark Fantasy Adventure. These books have everything from seductive bad boy vampires, to hot headed possessive demons, and one bad*ss female lead.

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Slain Spirit

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Coming December 2016

“James and I are getting married!” Cadence announced, and I went from the cloud nine to the lowest pit of hell. I just kissed my best friend’s fiancee.
Jasmine Hayes does two things well; work and shaming a person in ten words or less with her fiery temper. Along with her college friend and business partner, Cadence Reynolds’s, she has made her business, Divine Affairs, a success among Cadence’s high class world. But something is missing. Something that comes in the form of a handsome stranger, and a spontaneous kiss that leaves Jasmine in pieces. Who is her dream guy? Cadence’s new fiancee, and with the holidays right around the corner nothing is going her way.
James Conner has lived the life of a spoiled brat. His rich parents catered to his every whim growing up. A college drop out that has 

Bailey York is a woman that refuses to allow her disturbing past to define her as a victim, but she is very much controlled by that tragedy. Trapped in a world of lonely desperation she runs back to the man that violated every part of her. With the promise of a mended relationship and comfort from her lonely world, Bailey allows her old lover dangerously close once more.

Spirited, strong willed, and rebellious. One look at Bailey and people often miss the suffering and wounds laying just under the surface. With her sanity on the edge Bailey is doing everything she can to keep herself from shattering.

Ayden Parks is a guy down on his luck. The world has spun around more than once on him in the last year, but that won't stop him. With a fresh break-up from his long time fiancée, 

J.J. Morris Novels

tried his hand at a number of different start-ups, only to fail time and time again. His net loss ranges in the millions. One night at another of his parents lavished parties he gets shamed by a fiery little woman who has no problem calling out all his flaws. He dedicates his life to proving her wrong, and for the next year he searches for her. When they finally meet again she’s clueless and James can’t keep his hands off her, but he has entered into a contract with Cadence. One wedding for the money he needs for a fresh start.

A sweet holiday romance that will be published under my new pen name, Bailey York.

Where the coffee is plenty and the characters run the asylum. Here you will find my written works, including progress on WIPS, and you might run across a character drawing or two. ;)

I'm always interested and willing to interact with fans, if you would like to chat, comment, or stalk me here are my social media links.

Copyright. J.N. Sheats. All Rights Reserved.

A Dark Novella about the lengths love drives us to, and the heavy price a demons promise brings.

This is a work in progress and will be out later this year, till then take a look at the pretty cover and a few teasers!

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Lineage Book 1 Blurb​​

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Coming February 2017


"I would no longer be a mortal servant, a pet kept for sick entertainment. I had been chosen for initiation, to become one of the immortals…A vampire. 

My transition continued on far longer than any other, filling my body with a pain that was beyond the natural senses. After four days of writhing in the burning change I blacked out, and what woke in my place was not a vampire. It was in a word…Chaos." 

No longer an average mortal Opsona warrior and far from a vampire, Serenity is an unnatural force that rivals anything found in the planes of the Underworld. An advantage that her master, Vondorian, uses in his quest to conquer the mortal world, while luring her into his bed with seductive promises. A flawless venture until the day she is struck down in battle. 

Slain by a man with haunting greens eyes and hidden by shadows, Serenity has lived the last century of her immortal life with a nagging conscience. A lingering pest of a mortal voice conflicting with her vampire instincts, which only grows more unruly as Serenity and her master move to conquer the city of Tentusa. A small but important place nestled in a sacred valley, and Serenity's former home. 
This book is for an adult audience and lovers of vampires, demons, and epic battles. 

Book Four, Depraved Alliance, Coming Soon

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